Meet the Newest Member of our Family

No, I’m not pregnant, but David and I have brought a real living creature into our home.  It’s our new cat, Calvin. Here’s how it happened.

We went to the humane society and checked out all the kittens.  Calvin (or Brut as he was known to them) immediately stood out to me.  Partially because he was so cute and little and partially because he hisses at any one who comes near his cage.  We quickly learned that he is all bark and no bite, or all hiss and no scratch as the case may be.  Once he’s in your lap he won’t leave, he loves to cuddle.

snuggling up to david at the humane society

We named he Calvin after the French theologian, John Calvin because he’s a little rough around the edges, but a softy at heart.  I’m pretty sure this isn’t an accurate representation of the actual John Calvin because he seemed pretty stern, but whatever the name fits regardless of how we chose it.

true story: i took like twenty pictures of the cat in this red laundry hamper, all of them blurry, david takes one and it is both not blurry and the cat is looking at him

Calvin has now joined us in the new apartment, which is pretty much a chaos zone (much like my life right now).  He’s helping us slow down and enjoy taking moments to play with him or sit and pet him.  We took this picture at 10:45.  Moments before I said, David I’m tired, let’s go to bed.  Then David put him in the hamper and we watched the cat try and try and try to get out of the hamper only to have it bounce back in his face.  It was super cute and made me forget how tired I am/was.

escape attempt #50

While it’s true that Calvin is an adorable and lovable cat, the above picture is probably the most accurate representation of him.  He’s still pretty skiddish and a little scared of us.  Once we pick him up and hold him, he’s like oh yeah I really like this and then he’ll hang out for like an hour, but as soon as you put him back on the floor he forgets everything, freaks out and hides behind the bookshelf.  We’re hoping he grows out of that once he gets more comfortable in the apartment and around us.


4 thoughts on “Meet the Newest Member of our Family

  1. Hi Calvin! Liked reading the updates – welcome to your new place and good luck with the start of school! Also, A+ job to the quilt turned shower curtain.

  2. Calvin is super cute! Though I must say we used to think Fulmer had a really funny personality as a kitten and you see how that worked out 😉

  3. Hooray! Congratulations…and b/c it needs to be said: Great job adopting from the Humane Society! It would have made me sad if you adopted from a private breeder or something.
    Calvin is a great name!

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