An Orientation to an Extended Period of Disorientation

This was how my boss, the Dean of the school’s faculty began the first day of orientation.  That was about two weeks ago.  Given my sparse posting, you can tell that this description was fairly apt.

In the last three weeks we have re-moved, settled the apartment, and gone to IKEA and then resettled the apartment with the new furniture.

Small aside — I’m beginning to develop a love-hate relationship with IKEA.  On the one hand it’s amazing.  We bought this incredible PAX wardrobe that has revolutionized my world, but that was only after David and I spent almost 2 hours debating (arguing is probably a more appropriate verb) doors, height, width, drawer number, and shelf number.  And that was all in the store.  Once home, David spent three straight nights building the thing.  David and I think that trips to IKEA should be part of the premarital counseling.

Moving definitely disorients me.  It has this weird way of making you feel very accomplished at all that’s unpacked, while simultaneously feeling overwhelmed at all that still needs to be done.  Thankfully, the apartment has now reached a state of calm, not completion, but at least calm.

Hopefully, my teaching life will reach a similar state of calm once classes begin.  The present is filled with information overload. I have attended so many meetings, read so many e-mails and taken so many notes, but when it all comes down to it I only know a small sliver of what there is to know about campus and in just under 24 hours I’ll need to be ready to answer the questions and concerns of parents and students alike as they begin moving in tomorrow and over the next few days.  I guess it will be good preparation for class, when students ask questions I can’t possibly know the answer to.

On the positive side, two of today’s meetings were with teachers who are teachings sections of the same course, so I walked away with a lot of great ideas to incorporate into my class.

Another positive note, Calvin has finally started to be more outgoing.  While he still hides in this spot between the desk, book shelf, and heater a lot, you can entice him out with petting.  Today we spent about an hour watching a possible movie for class while playing with his feather toy.


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