Calvin Takes on the Computer

innocently perched in the window sill

Its the battle of the century.  Calvin the Cat vs. the Apple the MacBook.

Round 1: Calvin entices David with his fluffy hair and charming hiss.  David succumbs to Calvin’s wiles, unable to resist he reaches out and picks Calvin up.  Cat and man enjoy a wonderful session of petting and being petted.  Then Calvin sees his moment, feigning skiddishness, he attempts to dart out of David’s arms, scratching David.  David loses his balance, foot up, foot down…landing right on the computer.  He thinks nothing of it, but Calvin knows…success.  Screen broken, David will only discover hours later.

Calvin 1; Computers 0

plotting in command center...under the couch

Round 2: Sarah is up early, preparing for class.  She only has one hour before a long day of helping with move-in, soccer tryouts, and dorm duty.  Her focus is unbelievable.  Calvin attempts an early slurp of leftover cereal milk, but Sarah is too quick.  Calvin retires to command center under the couch, planning his next move.  He sees an in.  Sarah has become distracted and wants an animal to pet while she ponders.  Once in her lap, he goes for the desk, trying to walk on computer…no go.  With a quick shift in strategy he goes for the water.  Chances look slim as Sarah reaches to move the water, but Calvin is quick on the uptake, knocking it out of her hand and onto the computer.  Success!  Water goes everywhere and Sarah, falling for the cat’s innocent good looks, naively comforts the cat for his ‘error’.

Calvin 2, Computers 0

Sadly, this is no joke.  Calvin is quickly becoming a very expensive pet.  We are hoping that after a couple days the computer with water damage will rally, but so far it isn’t looking good.  Thankfully, David is a whiz with computers and was able to save the hard drive from my computer so at least part of the crisis was averted.  I still have my notes for the first week of class and the syllabus outline.

The plot thickens…a little part of me wonders if David put Calvin up to his computer attack.  David’s been trying to convince me for months that I need a new computer.  Only time will tell.  I’ve had my eyes peeled for high-fives and winks between them, but so far they’ve been playing it cool.


2 thoughts on “Calvin Takes on the Computer

  1. That is a very good looking cat…unfortunately the really cute ones seem to be the most destructive (ahem, Sammy Davis). Sorry to hear about the computer situation!

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