Surveying the Landscape

I cannot believe the semester is almost over.   I still remember worrying that I wouldn’t have enough material to fill a semester and today I was trying to figure out how to teach about Muhammad (actually reteach because we talked about that before Thanksgiving, but let’s be honest, I hardly remember that class), introduce the Qur’an, cover the time line of Islam, and then talk about Shariah law all in tomorrow’s class.  I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen.  BUT I now have two weeks of class, which is really only six days because one day I don’t have class, one day is a library day, and one day is a movie day!  And in that short time I need to teach the entire tradition of Islam.  It’s going to be crazy.  Fitting five traditions into three and a half months is really hard.  With each tradition it feels like I’m leaving out huge topics that are super interesting (at least to me).  I just keep hoping that on some level I’ve peaked their interest so that they look more into these religions.  I’ve been told next semester isn’t nearly so bad because there are like three extra weeks.

Anyway, this post wasn’t meant to be a complaining session on how I didn’t plan my time well enough.  It was meant to be a moment to pause and acknowledge how close I am to finishing my first semester of teaching.  While there were many nights and weeks where all I did was eat, sleep, and coach, looking back it has really been a blast.  I am a little bummed its almost over.  You get so far with a class and then the semester ends and I have to start all over again with a new group of students.  I’m sure some semesters I will crave the day that I get a new class, but right now it makes me a little sad to think that I only have two more weeks with these guys. On the other hand, it will be really nice to try out some new things like implementing a new way of doing homework, making sure they don’t lean back in their chairs, and working more on study skills.  It will also be nice to get to take more time on traditions and maybe do more fun things like debates, movies, or novels!

This post is also a way to survey the scene of the apartment.  Things in the apartment have changed in three major ways.

First…we got a new coach.

the picture doesn't do the couch justice, plus the cat modeling is so good it just makes the couch look like an amatuer

Second…we bought Calvin his own furniture to scratch.  Is this manipulation or intelligence?  When working with a cat is there a difference?

he's playing on it right now...

Third…it’s CHRISTMAS!

this is just a taste of what's happened to the have to visit to see the rest

One last note: I want to give a shout out to Marilyn who finished the crossword in 18 minutes.  Incredible.  INCREDIBLE.  Some of the words were backwards on the diagonal.  She is a crossword wizard.


One thought on “Surveying the Landscape

  1. Hey! I just read this! Thanks for the shout-out. Now all of your followers know about my super exciting life 🙂

    P.S. Well done, Calvin on manipulating your pets into buying you your own furniture.

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