Yep, That’s Me

A couple weeks ago, I participated in a student vs. student vs. faculty competition.  It  was one of those competitions where each class competed against one another and the faculty.  I volunteered to participate in the obstacle course.   The obstacle was meant to be the day in the life of a student, so you start by getting dressed, then maneuver through laundry baskets, twirl around on a bat (I think this symbolized class?), sweep a ball through cones (the service component), make a lay-up (atheletics), then take off the clothes and hand them off to your partner.  I was third of four for our group.  We start off strong, but then our second person can’t keep up the pace.  Then I go and…

yep that hurt for a few days

As you can see I don’t have the most graceful of endings. The pants were slightly too long and when they hit the court running close to full speed, my feet just came out from under me.  Looking at the picture, I’m impressed I even got that good of a shot off.  But it of course took awhile to get up and even longer to make the lay-up, putting us squarely in last place.  I would have shared this with you sooner, but a friend just sent me the photos.  Seeing this explained so much about how much my side and arm hurt the next three days.


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