turning over a new leaf

just wait until dinner salad greens because you will be delicious!

I’ll admit it, my attempt to document my first year of teaching didn’t go quite as planned. Truth be told, I only really documented my breaks and long weekends because that’s when I had time.  So I guess I did succeed in documenting my lack of time…

But now I’m turning over a new leaf.  Since it’s summer officially in my life (the first four weeks don’t count…I was reading up for a class, taking a class, and at a conference), I’m going to try to blog 5 days a week.  I originally wanted to do seven times a week, but let’s be honest my life isn’t that interesting and I think that’s just setting myself up for failure.  My hope is that if I get into the habit of blogging, then when school starts back up it will be second nature and I will at least blog a couple times a week.

a different kind of leaf

The title of today’s post is also a bit of a play on words because today is also the first day of David and my summer food experiment with a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). So about three months ago, David and I signed up as members with a farm and sent them a check for a summer’s worth of produce.  Now that summer has arrived, we go weekly to pick up our share of the produce.  If the farm has a bad year or bad crop, then we lose money, but if the farm has a good year, then we get a lot more for our money.  We had a lot of friends try them when we lived in New Haven and we always wanted to join, but we weren’t in town enough of the summer to make it worth the money.

the view of the farm with a woman cutting her share of flowers

If today was any indication, this summer is going to be incredible because when I walked into the farm, I was greeted by a plethora of choices for my share.  There were beets, spinach, bok choy, kale, arugula, swiss chard, raddiccio, carrots, garlic scapes, scallions, daikon (I’m not exactly sure what this is?), and at least six varieties of lettuce.  I got to pick eight items to bring home.  Then there was a pick your own garden full of herbs, peas, and my favorite, flowers.  Check out what I brought home:

l-r: scallions, mixed greens, baby leeks, spinach, carrots, kale, arugula, and beets

The hard part now is figuring out how David and I are going to eat it all before it goes bad.  It looks like we might be getting to know our neighbors better this summer so that we have help eating all the food.


2 thoughts on “turning over a new leaf

  1. I will come eat your food. It looks so delicious. I love summer and all of the good food that comes with it. I’ve heard that if you can’t use up all of your herbs you can chop/puree them and freeze them into ice cubes to use in the winter. I’ve never tried it, but after getting some frozen basil from TJ’s done this way, I’m tempted to try it this summer.

  2. I think Daikon is a kind of radishy root vegetable that they eat in Japan. But I don’t know how radishy the flavor is.

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