experimenting with Indian food

freshly cleaned spinach

So last night, to get started on our vegetables we had a steak salad.  Tonight I decided to be more adventurous and try making Indian Food.  The whim to make homemade Indian food came to me as school was drawing to a close and I would have the time to cook dinner more often.  After an early setback trying to find a few spices, the stars finally aligned with a very full bag of spinach and I decided to try making Saag Paneer.

The process began last night with the paneer making.  Here it is in the early stages just after separating the whey and curds.

It looked very different after chilling overnight and then being fried this evening.

When I woke up this morning I set about making the masala, which is the base of the sauce.  The nice thing about the recipe is, it made a lot, so future Indian food attempts won’t require such a long process because I have a lot of masala freezing.

When dinner time came around, I finished off the sauce by adding my spinach, now cooked and pureed to half a cup of the marsala.

It looks much better when you see it all put together with rice, naan, and of course mango lassis.  The recipe comes from the cookbook: From Mom with Love: Complete Guide to Indian Cooking and Entertaining.  How do you say bon apetetit in Hindi?


2 thoughts on “experimenting with Indian food

  1. yummy. yummy. yummy. If you need any spices from the Middle Eastern grocer in Hartford, let me know. We are waiting for my family to confirm a date in August for my shower and then we are picking a weekend to come see you!!

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