hello chair

So I have had a love affair with pottery barn chairs for a long time.  When I was in college, I had a purple pottery-barn like chair that I loved (and got for free from my mom’s co-worker).  I sat in that chair all the time.  It was the perfect reading chair.  But when it came time to move to Connecticut David told me it wasn’t worth renting a whole moving van just for my chair. Sad, but probably true. Four years later, the void has now been filled, but this time with a real Pottery Barn chair.  Above, I present to you the Arlington Chair in Washed Linen-Cotton, Color Metal.  The only thing better than sitting in the chair is the knowledge that we paid for the chair with credit card points.  Heck yeah!

What I also love about the chair is it brings us one step closer to finishing the living room.  We probably need another chair (hopefully from pottery barn, although we are out of credit card points).  A knitted ottoman might be on my knitting to do list.  Finally, I’m keeping my eyes open for more wall art, but before we turn to this, David and I are modifying the TV room.  Hopefully, I will be posting more about that next weekend.


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