eating veggies is hard

wk 3 share: spinach, salad greens, eggplant, summer squash, lettuce, tomato, green beans, carrots, cucumber, basil, dill

So last week at this time, I was feeling pretty proud of David and I.  We ate an impressive amount veggies and found many tasty  ways of doing it.  I was all, this CSA thing is awesome and easy.  This week was slightly more challenging.  A lot of what we made we either didn’t like or I messed up the recipe.  So we ate part of each veggie, but ended up throwing out a lot of the leftovers.  This made me decide that I need to give a report on meals so that next year I know, which ones worked.

  • : Rosemary Chicken and Summer Squash
    veggies eaten: summer squash, salad greens
     report: too lemony for me, but it cooked up quick
  • Wednesday: Chicken Paillards with Green Bean Salad (Martha Stewart Magazine); Zucchini Bread (Magnolia Bakery Cookbook)
    veggies eaten: green beans, salad greens, zucchini 
    : I really liked the salad and it was easy to make, I thought she called for too much ham I would half it or maybe quarter the amount
  • Thursday: Hamburgers with Fennel Cole Slaw and French Fries
    veggies eaten: fennel, carrots 
    report: David did a great job with the hamburgers, but I didn’t like the coleslaw, part of it was that the fennel smelled like black licorice when I cut it, which bothered me, I also really wanted the coleslaw Andy made when we were in Wichita and this just didn’t cut it
  • Friday: Citrus and Beet Salad
    veggies eaten: beets
    report: we took this to a dinner and people seemed to like it, but David and I weren’t crazy about it.  I was really wanting a dish I vaguely remember that Mia made when she had a crafting party and this wasn’t nearly as good as that
  • Sunday: Kale, Sausage and Lentil Supper Skillet
    veggies eaten: kale 
    report: This dish has real potential.  I misread the directions and accidentally simmered w/lid off rather than on so the lentils were really crunchy, the flavor was good
  • Monday: Leftovers

Recipe of the Week: Zucchini Bread from Magnolia’s Bakery Cookbook 


One thought on “eating veggies is hard

  1. I’ll email you the beet recipe. Haven’t eaten it in its full glory since that day, but I did do an off the cuff version the other day that was pretty good.

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