trip to mount washington

For our anniversary David and I went to Mount Washington in New Hampshire for a long weekend of hiking and sight-seeing.  Here are the highlights in collage form.*

1. sunset over mt. washington     2. david and i in front of arethusa falls      3. starting on the owl’s head trail (little did i know that i would still be in pain three days later)     4. start of the trail to arethusa falls     5-8. diana’s baths     9. view from a scenic oerlook     10. view at the top of owl’s head trial (the photo is slightly off because david was tired and ready to head back)     11. diana’s baths     12. end of owl’s head trail, we were running low on water so david tried filtering water from the stream we crossed     13. frog we found on the owl’s head trail     14. picture at scenic overlook     15. view of the presidentials from the top of the owl’s head trail     16. scenic overlook     17. view of mt. washington from owl’s head     18. diana’s baths     19. view of mt. washington from our bed and breakfast     20. frankenstein cliffs     21. sunset at the scenic overlook     22. david ‘whittled’ walking sticks for us for the trek back down from owl’s head     23. arethusa falls     24. diana’s baths     25. top of a tree     26. roots of a tree     27. arethusa falls

*Since I made this collage in Picasa you can’t click on a picture to enlarge it, but in a couple days David will have edited the pictures and placed his favorites on his flickr stream.  You can access the stream in the bar to the right.  


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