the fiona for nola

I love baby knitting.  Normally the patterns knit up quick and look adorable.  Plus baby’s aren’t so fussy about things flattering their body, because they pretty much look cute in everything.  The only bummer about baby knitting for me has been that of ten baby outfits I’ve made in the last few years this is the first where I know it’s a girl before she is born, so I could chose something really girly and beautiful.  I present to you the Fiona.

This was a great project for all my June travels.  This and the audio book, A Thousand Splendid Suns, got me through multiple flights and a few delays in transit. It also helped me make ALOT of friends on the airplane.  I had a lot of reading to do for my summer reading grant, but I just couldn’t put this down.  I actually finished it during the pictures before my brother-in-law’s wedding.

For those interested in knitting this: The pattern is slightly expensive and has a few errors in it.  I didn’t find the errors problematic because the lace pattern is pretty self-explanatory after the first or second repeat.  I deviated slightly from the pattern by knitting it in the round and found a lot of helpful suggestions on ravelry (see link above) on how to do this.


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